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Cutout Sleeve Tee From Shein

June 21, 2017
Hi everybody. I am shopping without a break :) Before my vacation at July I would like to have all that I need. Sure I would share some vacation pictures too:)
This cutout sleeve tee from Shein was for a long time at my favorite list but I was not sure if it looks good or not . I am a tiny woman and it is difficult to decide the sizes. But Shein size chart works allways perfect. I like those kind of shirts a little bit wide.
It is a Bohemian and Ethno look bluse. It looks like white at the pictures but it is beige.
Did you like my new Cutout Sleeve Tee? If you need more details for this item or for more wonderfull Shein collection clothes please click here or at the pictures.
I like also the arm details...

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